Elham is a very solid advocate for the couple who are organising the event. She knows what will make the day pleasant and she gives good advice from her background. On the day of the wedding itself, I don’t think a bride can find a better and stronger support than Elham. She runs around the venue. She makes sure that she is on time. She makes sure that the catering, lights, camera and sound systems are in place. She takes actions very very quickly when she is reminded about something or requested for something.

So for any client considering Elham as a wedding planner, I would suggest that you communicate very very clearly with her, keep her posted on your plans, write down a journal of your progress, keep track of what Elham is saying and keep track of your wishes. You are in good hands. Elham will take care of everything in her power. She even made some of my guests dance, who didn’t even dance in their own weddings. Why? Simply because her client wanted so. That’s Elham!